Prenatal Yoga Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically challenging experience and yoga practice has shown a lot of benefits for pregnant women. Yoga helps strengthen various systems in the body. During pregnancy every organ and system has to work hard to nurture the baby and also to keep the mother strong and fit. Yoga also affects the mind positively, so pregnant woman can easily handle stress, anxiety and any other negative emotions.
Yoga practice includes various yoga poses to strengthen various parts of the body such as the back, pelvic floor and the core. As well as breathing which is very helpful to control the mental stress and during labour. Meditation and relaxation practices are important to keep the mind positive and peaceful as well as yogic philosophy for a positive attitude and yogic lifestyle for balance.

Prenatal Yoga Post Natal Yoga

Private prenatal and Post natal yoga classes are individually designed to address your specific needs and concerns in order to find more comfort and enjoyment during your pregnancy. Caring by nature, Yoga Nilayam has been working one-on-one with mommies-to-be and has the knowledge, experience and compassion to offer you the greatest support throughout each stage of pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga offers the highest quality private, one on one prenatal yoga instruction for expectant mothers seeking the best for their babies.

A prenatal yoga practice should first and foremost be done for the growing baby.  With the proper approach, moms-to-be can positively influence the temperament and behavior of their baby, while at the same time strengthen their bodies and calm their minds.  This safe and smart approach is described as meditation in action.

A beneficial prenatal yoga practice must seek to achieve an active spine, a soft abdomen, a neutral pelvis position, and a quiet nervous system.  Premier Prenatal Yoga sessions are based on this foundation in order to create the ideal environment for the development of baby.

Expectant mothers will use their intelligence to create action in the body, not just motion. With a focus on action this yoga practice challenges in new ways and will create an awakened body yet quiet mind.